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Get Started

Download and Install Arcan

This is the quickstart guide to install and run the first analysis with Arcan. See the complete reference for the alternative installation without Docker.


How to run Arcan locally

  1. Clone or download Arcan from Github.
  2. Fill in this form. You will receive the license at the provided email address.
  3. Open the email and download the attached ArcanLicence_YYYYMMDD licence file.
  4. Copy the ArcanLicence_YYYYMMDD licence file to the licences directory.

Configure the environment

  1. Copy the content of the .env.example file into a new file named .env.
  2. Change the value of the variable ARCAN_LICENCE_FILENAME with the name of licence file you copied in the licences directory.

Run Arcan

  1. To run the Arcan dashboard and the server, open your favourite terminal and navigate to the /arcan-trial folder. Within the folder execute: docker compose up.
  2. You will find the dashboard at http://localhost:3000.

Check the online videos to quickly learn how to use Arcan

Create and analyse a new project

Open Arcan dashboard at http://localhost:3000.

Click the "ADD NEW " button to analyse a new project.

  1. Fill out the form on the "Add new project" page with the project's name and the programming language you want to analyse.
  2. Indicate the location of the project you want to analyse:
    • To analyse a remote project, use the remote repo URL when creating a new project. If the repository is private, remember to use a personal access token as password by ticking the "Project requires authentication" box (see How to analyse a remote repository for more info).
    • To analyse a local project, copy the project folder into /arcan-trial/projects. When creating a new project, specify the path to analyse as follows: ./projects/<folder_name> (see How to analyse a local repository for more info).
  3. In "Configure analysis" click on "ANALYSE" and then "CONTINUE" to trigger the analysis. Once the analysis is completed, you can interact with the project card on the "My projects" page.


The trial version only supports C# projects compatible with .NET core 6.0.109. UWP, WPF, Windows Forms, EF6, and other Windows-dependant projects may not be analysed correctly (with no warning!) in the trial version.

CI Integration

On top of running Arcan from the Dashboard, you can also attach Arcan to a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline. For instance, you can add Arcan to your Gitlab or Github pipelines. See the instructions for additional details.


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