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Supported Languages

The table below shows the programming languages and the versions supported by Arcan.

Programming Language Supported versions Details
Java Java 17 and earlier Java 18+ may work.
C C17 and earlier C17 is the latest C standard.
C++ C++ 11 and earlier Keywords and syntax introduced is newer standards is not yet supported.
C# .NET 6 (via Mono)*
.NET 7 (planned)*
Projects that depend on Windows-only components are not supported (e.g. Windows Forms) by the trial and cloud versions.
Custom installations are required in such cases.
Python Python 3.11 or earlier


* Arcan (trial and cloud) is distributed as a Docker container based on Linux. This severely limits the supported .NET projects. You could still analyse these projects but it is likely that the results are incomplete.


To analyze Spring projects that instantiate beans dynamically and make heavy use of class hierarchies, Arcan needs to know what classes these beans are instances of. Typically, this information is contained within a beans.xml file(s), under the **/resources directory. Therefore, ensure that you both check the Is this a Spring project? checkbox and that the resources directory is selected when selecting the directories to be analysed.