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CI Integration

On top of running Arcan from the Dashboard, you can also attach Arcan to a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline.

Arcan offers a command line interface (CLI) that can be invoked from your CI pipeline and save the results on a remote database that can later be accessed through the dashboard to inspect the results.

Below you will find the instructions on how to set up a CI pipeline that runs Arcan on the current commit. We provide a set of convenience scripts to make this job easier (write us an email!).


Notice that this feature is not directly available in the 30-day free trial, you must request it on our website or by sending us an email.



  • The Arcan CLI Jar (or Docker image) available on the CI runner machine
  • Access to the source code (to do the analysis)
  • Network access to the database the dashboard is connected to (to save the results)

Step 1: Configure the analysis

First, generate the analysis configuration:

cd arcan-ci
./analyse-configs/ ${PROJECT_NAME}

Then proceed editing the generated files accoding to your preference:

vim ./analyse-configs/${PROJECT}/descriptor.yml
vim ./analyse-configs/${PROJECT}/source-filters.yml 

Next, configure the connection to the results database by changing the following variables in


Step 2: Attach the runner to your pipeline

Add the following lines to your pipeline

./ analyse path/to/project $LANGUAGE
The script ./ is the main file of the repository that automates all the execution of a PoC.